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"Love me like everyday…" ~ M.B.


Anyone who knows me know that I have an ongoing love affair with the music of one Ms. Monicva Blaire. Her lyrics speak to the experience of the twenty-somthing wombyn. You gotta guzzle Red Bull and OJ just to keep up with her high live octane performances. She invokes a physical and emotional reation everytime I see her live. Its like GD speaks to me through her….EVERYtime.

I’m proud to say that this week Monica Blaire graces the front page of the Michigan Citizen newspaper. It goes into detail about her musical back ground and innfluences. Monica, in my opinion is my generation’s Anita Baker. Not so much in her style or music, but because she’s a distinctive voice, and a native of DETROIT who is MAKING IT while still based in DETROIT. If you get the chance, check out the article in the Michigan Citizen: The article isn’t posted on the web just yet since the weekle newpaper is dated Jan 27-Feb 2, 2008, But check out the website none the less. Its a great source of news effecting Afri-mericans in Michigan and across the country. It highlights POSITIVE issues and programs as opposed to just your run-of-the-mill drug busts, drive-bys, and tragic house fires.

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