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What looks like crazy…


On an ordinary day, I’d wake up. Eat good. Go to work. Come home. Talk to friends. Read a bit or maybe watch Law and Order (its ALWAYS on some channel or another). Go to bed. Well…Friday was no ordinary day.I woke up in Pittsburgh, PA :the city of firsts ( Instead of flying for five or six hours…I SAT in Pitts ALL-DAY-LONG before catching a ride on a flight back to ATL.
Now, upon arriving in the Pitts…I’d sadly discovered that I’d left my cell phone in ATL. WHAT! And being the technologically reliant citizen that I am…the only numbers I have memorized are my mama’s and one of my homegurls. But I was at a loss. How to call with no cell? Are there still pay phones? Do people USE them? How much do they cost? Luckily, the ancient artifact that is the land line pay phone is still in existence. At this point, Crys goes ANALOGUE.
I buy a phone card from a machine. Its worth 20 minutes. The plan is to call my mom to get my sister’s number so she can call my brother so HE can pick me up at the airport inn ATL. No luck. This phone card is useless. I get about 8 minutes of talk time out of it..and can never catch up with my moms. So…I make change of my LAST ten dollars. ANd start blowing up my homegurls phone. Once I’m down to the last two dollars, she answers. We make plans for HER to pick me up at the West End Marta so we can hang out…
Fast forward to NPeachtree Ave at 11pm. Welcome to the AC3 conference! We got in the door of the LOFT on a wing a prayer…pretending to be important “talent” involved in the conference. I’m thinking that this conference is for back-packers and beat boxers…I’m believing that the concert is gonna be some unsigned, underground group that gained their noteriety on MySpace. I’ve been known to be WRONG before and Friday night’s concert was no exception.
I’ll be damned if I didn’t find myself sitting in the second row of a concert for THE JUICE CREW!!! WHAT THE F*cK!!??
For free….I saw Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, Marly Marl, MC Shan and Bone Crusher (a sad disappointment)! And I stood nnext to Posdnuos…laughing with him cause no one around him was trippin’ on the fact that he was standing in the pit in the front of the house as opposed to kicking it back stage with the rest of the “celebrities”. Anyone who knows me knows I have a mild …mmm…obsession (such a strong word) with Posdnuos since I met him in teh Detroit Airport a while ago, so it was cool to talk to him again….not that he remembered me:-)

Anywhoo….I ended up staying out until 5:30am. KNOWING I had to fly out the next day at 10am. But oh well…sometimes what looks like crazy…ISN’T just an ordinary day…

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  1. Glennisha permalink
    03/31/2008 4:09 am

    I know that losing your phone had to suck. I’d feel straight naked without mine just as I wood w/out my purse. At least your lemons turned into lemonade. You got to attend a cool ass concert and chop it up with an old obsession!

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