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Just to know Im doin’ the right thing…


I’m in my hotel room watching Hannity and Colms. No, I don’t usually, but they had mininster on that was just SHITTING on Obama (Go to And Dr. laura comes on. She has a new book called  Stop whining and start living. Basically, the book is saying that this moment is the only one you are gauraunteed, so live IN it. Love it! Squeeze every bit of joy out of it. Life is a choice.

So I go to open the window to smoke a ciggy in my non-smoking room (Confession #4: I smoke in non-smoking hotel rooms). And I’m looking up..listening to her talk about living in the moment…and it starts to rain. I witnessed the rain as it STARTED falling. And I was moved. I thought…I should be listening to soothing music…I should turn the TV down. And then I realized that the moment could not be more perfect. GD showed me a sign…and I didn’t even have to ask for it…

But maybe I did.


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  1. ManOverboard permalink
    03/29/2008 2:00 am

    your blog is the illest,….really it is…,….i had been trying to find an alternative to blogpsot, so i can get my own thang thang jumped off…soo good lookin!

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