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Purging: the begining


I’ve decided…no…it came to me that I must first purge myself. Reveal those things about me that I wouldn’t want anyone to know about me….In order to grow. I think Lauryn Hill addressed the concept in her MTV Unplugged album. She talked about how to find GD and truth…she found herself confessing things to her parents that she’d done in grade school. For the liberation.

SO here. I will liberate myself. Perhaps one day I’ll get the courage…or the humility to admitt these things to the people that they relate to..But for now, this medium will do. I’ll confess to the forty or so people who have stopped by my blog in the last twenty four hours.

 Confession #1

I did not vote in the 2000 election.

 I’ve protested Bush’s presence in the White House. I have debated with the best of ’em. Read up on and written about his ties to the Iraqi  royals. But I did not vote against him in 2000. I’m more embarrased about this than ashamed.  I won’t make any excuses. There are none. I just didn’t do it. I did vote in 2004. I voted for John Kerry. Not because I thought he could win, but in an attempt to rectify my past transgression.

I should feel lighter. I should feel a weight off my shoulders. But I don’t. Why? Because I started typing a completely different confession. One that if read by certain folks, could rearrannge all that I’ve known for the last ten years. It could have started alot of mess and hurt some folks….so…that one will have to come later. Perhaps I’ll have to confess that one TO the person it affects BEFORE I post it.

 Wanna know another one?

Confession #2

 I eat beef.
And the EVIL SWINE!. Not often, but often enough that I need to stop saying that I don’t eat it. I think I just got caught up in the “image”. Ya know? I got these naps growing from my scalp. I listen to concious hip hop and I read alot. I burn insence and candles. And open and close my phone conversations with “PEACE”.  YOU know the image I’m talking about.  At one point I DID stop eatting beef and pork. But the hotel restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA has THE BEST Angus burger…one thing led to another…Next thing I knew I was elbow deep in medium-well angus beef with sauteed mushrooms and A-1! And once the burger got me…italian sausage pizza with onions and green peppers was a long leap off a short cliff. So there you have it. I’ve moved on beyond just poultry.

 I’m sure that there is more purging to come…keep watch.

Pray for me.


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