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Home sweet…?


So I’m back in “THE D” today after being stranded in Pittsburgh. When our flight crew showed up at the airport to fly back to ATl last night…our aircraft had a huge crack in the windshield. Looked like a car that got hit by a rock on the interstate.


Needless to say…we couldn’t fly it with passengers in it. So, the pilots flew it…lower and slower…to Memphis to get fixed. I on the other hand…had no interest in being shuttled to Memphis when PITTs is closer to home. So I stayed. Ahhh, the glamourous life of a flight attendant. I swear, someone ought to do a sit-com about it. Call it “Flying the Line”. Don’t be suprised if I start posting video from my “exciting” “glamourous” life. Note the sarcasam.

Woke up this morning a flew home. Showed up at my Honey’s door unannounced! I know…I know. Most women know better than to do this. Its a rule breaker. BUT I know my Honey didn’t get off work until 4am. Got home at about 5am. And by the time I showed up at noon, he’d be still asleep. At least I hoped. Just as I turned down his street, I got that sinking feeling like “what if there is a car in the drive way…what would I do?”Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. Honey was suprised and glad to see me (its been over a week). We spent the afternoon getting reaquainted:-)

 In other news…

So called EXPERTS are now saying that the third graders I told you about yesterday COULDN”T have possible intended to seriously injure their teacher.  Basically, a psychologist came out and said that children at that age have very active and very creative imaginations. Hell, they brought a steak knife with a broken handle! db_classic_steak_knife_-_r351.jpg LOL! I do’nt know how threatened I’d feel by an eight year old brandishing a broken steak knife. I don’t know about YOUR house…but when I was eight…all the knives in MY house were pretty dull. They only LOOKED menacing.
LOL. I told you it was a story line from a cartoon! One of thse kids got mad cause the teacher disciplined them for standing on a chair…and they came up with this hairbrained scheme as a result. I can hear the Pinky and the Brain(brain, brain, brain, bran brain) music in my head…RIGHT NOW! I’m sayin’! Stewie on Family Guy comes up with more believable world domination plots than this. But all of Georgia was running scared…God Damn the Third Graders!


(Pic is not of actual CRJ 900 aircrat. It was provided by: )

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