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For those who read my MYSPACE blog, you know that I had a run in with Detroit’s finest back in July of 2007. Needless to say, its been a burr in my butt (yes, I just said “burr in my butt”) for a while now. I’ve had to take days off work, fly in especially for court. Sit for hours in the court house (and boy do you see some characters there). But after NINE months, EIGHT court appearances, and SEVEN public defenders, the case was dismissed this afternoon.

You can read all the torrid details of the original traffic stop on the CCC MYSPACE edition.

Today, before the first male judge I’ve been assigned to, all charges were dismissed without prejudice. No court costs, no fines, no community service, no substance abuse program, no probabtion! HOORAY!!!! And to top it off, I must have run into a good clerk, because instead of mailing my bond refund to me in seven to ten business days, she CUT THE CHECK!!! I got a hand written check for my bond and went STRAIGHT to the bank from the court house. Justice doesn’t get any better than that.

(cue reflective music)

You know, I learned something today. Sometimes it DOES pay to be patient and tolerant of the ridiculous beauracracy that is that US judicial system. The twenty-two or so hours I spent sitting,  waiting over the last nine months were not a HUGE waste of my time. I discovered some new, although quite unpleasant scents. Like… the Crack, mildew and old fryer grease smell coming of the lady who kept falling alseep back in March. Or the dirty gym sock meets cigarette butt from the gentleman on my right when I appeared back in November.
I learned that beauracray DOES have a sense of humor. Why else would there be a giant LUTHANSA AIRLINES bill board right in front of the 36th District Court in downtown Detroit? ‘Cause really, how many metro Detroiters are gonna tour Eastern Europe anytime soon? Especially if they have business at the 36? Hell, if Airtran or Spirit air ain’t goin’ for $89.99 round trip- most of these folks don’t wanna  know nothin’ about it.
Mostly, I learned about my own limits. I guess two glasses of Pinot Grigio and one 12oz bottle of Bulight two hours before driving home IS a cocktail that spells disaster!

(end music)

So in honor of my newly minted freedom, I bought three one dollar lottery scratch offs…and won (drum roll please) ONE DOLLAR! Maybe I should have played 9-8-7 in the lottery instead.



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  1. A.Head permalink
    04/08/2008 10:54 pm

    ahhh, at least SOMEBODY is getting some justice these days! Consider it a bullet dodged, county time is no fun 😦

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