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Procratinators Unite! Let’s meet….tomorrow.


This moving thing is a trip (no pun intended). I KNOW I only have about twenty days. Ten of those I’ll be at work. Yet and still I sit in this debauchal that is my apartment and procrastinate. I eat. Blog, Surf. Wash a load from teh mountain of laudry occupying my entire spare room. Masturbate. Read.  Surf some more…anything to avoid actually going through my stuff…Packing stuff up.

I do this every time. I wait until the last minute and then I haphazardly toss my things in to laundry bags and toilet paper boxes. I’ve NEVER had an organized moved. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I really don’t want to move. I’ve relocated at least once a year EVERY year for the last four years. I’m tired of it. I’m so ready to be settled. I’m guessing that although no one will admitt it, this is one of the reasons that people buy houses. So you don’t have to MOVE when your lease is up.

And I could stay. But my rent would be raised considerably. And I’d have to continue the dreadful commute from DTW to ATL.  I’m know that its just fear and laziness that makes me not want to go.Don’t get me wrong. I want to BE MOVED. I want to BE relocated. I just don’t want to purge my earthly belongings. Toss and fold, and stack, and load, and clean.

I’ve always told myself that I couldn’t move until I finish school. Well, that’s not happening any time soon. Then I said, when my credit score gets to _ _ _. WEll it did that a year ago and now its back on the downward spiral. There’s no better time to get the hell out of Michigan. The economy is HORRIBLE. The weather sucks from October to late April. NONE of my friends live here anymore (just a few of my Eastern Star sisters). My immediate family have all gone to other states (none of them ever lived in Detroit anyway).  

So whats the problem? Why am I still writing a blog that very few people will read when I could be packing?

We’ll discuss that at the Procrastinators United meeting…tomorrow.  

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  1. 04/06/2008 1:50 am

    You sound like me when it comes to moving. Boy, do I sure know how to procrastinate. I think I work so much better under pressure though. If I know I have time, for some reason I just can’t get moving down until the very last few seconds lol. BTW, I need to be working on my mountain of laundry……….I guess I can spend my Saturday night doing that.

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