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Guess who’s bizZack…


Good evening Boys and Girls,
Welcome back to the CCC. Did you miss me? Of course you did.

My life has taken dramatic turns in the last few days and I’ve been unable to get online to blog about them. Since I’ve already relayed the story like six times…(to my best friends, their roomate, my honey, my momma)…I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version:

I took my moving plan to my Papa with intentions of soliciting fincial help. He basically just shyted on my plan. (which was really only get Papa to cut a check…bad plan). He then shyted on my Honey for not helping more financially and then proceeded to give me some “advice” about men and relationships. TElling ME that I’m too nice…I need to be more demanding. And tha if I don’t DEMAND can get comfortable taking and not giving. I should always be asking for more. (and yet he calls my mommma a gold digger… but that’s a whole ‘nother story) I quickly caught an attitude. Mostly ’cause I’m twenty-eight years old and thirteen years ago was the time to attempt to guide me in the right direction when it comes to men. Not now. And about FIFTEEN years ago…he packed up HIS shyt and moved to the ATL…leaving my mama holding the bag. SOooooo…..

Anywhoo…long story short…Plan sucked and as a result the roomate and I decided NOT to be roomates. Its something we had both been thinking about…Papa’s stern advice lead to a converstaion with teh roomie where the decision was made to go out seperate ways (just as far as the living situation goes. We’re still homeies fa life)

At this point Crys looses her cool and panics for a day or so.  Until Universe produces a series of enlightening events.


I meet a solid sistah on the flight from Atl to HOU. She’s a professor at Alabama State and a performance poet. Turns out she knows my homegurl and neighbor Adaora Bandele. This woman give me a hug. I feel lighter. Changed. Open. She later tell Adaora that her scalp starts to tingle after that hug.


I’m in ATL, getting lunch at an awesome spot on the West End called PAAS (on Ralph D. Abernathy) and this brotha approaches me. Wants to know if we can build ( that means have a conversation for those not versed in the language of nappy heads). I agree. We chit-chat for a moment, first focusing on his business venture (the Creation and Conservation of Wealth C.C.O.W.). Somehow the convo shifts. I end up spilling my entire story, the inital move, the bad plan, the frustration. And just on a humbug…this brotha and his homeboy offer to guide me around SW ATL to look at some spots! WHAT! He’s just driven from Jersy to ATL…hadn’t slept in 24 hours…but took ME  apartment shopping. We drove seperate cars…and the convo was pretty decent between stops. I was really blown away by the entire ordeal. His intenions were pure…his energy was positve..we fed off each other.

 Turns out I remind him of his little sis. She lives in Flint. Where I never told him I was from..until he told ME that she lived there. Tell me THATS not wild! The entire day went like that.

I haven’t found THE PLACE to live yet…but I have much better idea about the area. I’ m so thankful that the Universe found me worthy enough to put someone in my path..I learned alot…and not just aboout the rental market in ATL. This brotha READ me….from my oral writing and bibliophilia. My self-worth issues. I hardly talked at all and he could “see” these things. Did I mention that he is a meditation guide and  works with energy/aura/healing stones?  Through out conversation I reminded myself what MY goals are….and reminded myself that they ARE real and ARE attainable.

SO, that was the last two days of my life. I’m still reeling off the two angels that crossed my path.  I’m just trying to hold on to that energy. That feeling.  Cause when I’m alone (like now in this memphis hotel room) the self-doubt creeps back in. The frustration rears is ugly mug.

Pray for me folks.

Pray WITH me family.



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  1. 04/14/2008 4:30 pm

    I’m glad you met someone who’s spiritually inclined. Stop doubting yourself. You have everthing you need in your possession right at this very moment. Don’t forget that. Everything changes; but your true essense remains the same. Stay true to yourself and everthing else is sure to follow.
    Peace, Light and Love

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