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The REMINDER or ATL or BUST: part Deux


At what point do you admitt defeat?


After figuring that it would be best to stay another month in MIchigan, I spoke with  my landlord, who calmly and uneventfully informed me that my apartment had already been rented out. As of May first, my 800 square feet of sky light over looking D’Troit, tall ceilings, exposed ducts and brick, eat-in kitchen, washer and dryer, carpet and prime location…will no longer be mine. SO, I don’t HAVE the time to stack more loot. I gotta get gone!

This was the fourth or fifth plan to kick the bucket ( a short moment of silence for the death of plan “E”…..)

So, at what point to I concede? Am I trying too hard to make this happen? Am I missing my blessing in Detroit? IS my purpose to be fulfilling in Detroit? OR is this a battle…something I have to proove that I want and have to WORK for? How do I know?
The first time I felt this way…the spriritual stranger crossed my path and introduced other options (What’s up Tawa if you’re reading). THe last time it happened…my Daddy stepped in, after hearing the resignation in my voice, and offered his support. Asking me “How’s your soul”. A very open ended and thoughtful question from a man who I am just NOW learning (after25 years) has feelings.

And this time….This time, the universe sent me Darlene. She was a flight attendant on my plane today…going to Houston to pick up a package and fly back to ATL. Well…she made it to HOU…and the gate agent attempted to push the flight back without her. I stalled the gate agent until Darlene could get back on the plane. SHe made it back just before we closed the aircraft door.

Well, Darlene, homeowner and hustler extrodinnare, volunteered to drive me around today in attempts to find another spot. She understood my time restrictions and the pressure I’m feeling. We only looked at one spot,but I was able to see her crib. See what SHE’s accomplished. SHE was a reminder to me as to WHY I want to move to ATL in the first place. I think that I’d forgotten.

I’m moving because:

1. My Daddy, Step-mom, brother, and two best friends in the world live here, not to mention Stars and Squares for days…

2. My job has transferred me here and there is potential to fly more hours in a more comfortable plane

3. I don’t have ANYONE in Detroit. My gurls live thirty minutes on a long day… Even my boyfriend lives thirty minutes away. And everyone else are just associates.

4. Houses are CHEAPER.

5. I want to buy a house,

6. Marta/C-tran….good public transportation

7. Everyone’s hustling. I’m tryin’ to learn the art of “the hustle”. Workin’ a day job but having other sources of significant income

8. It only snows a couple times of year…and only a couple inches.

9. Delta just merged with Northwest and only the DELTA brand will remain.

10. Isn’t EVERYONE in ATL?


So, Thank you Darlene, for reminding me exactly WHY I need to move. Yeah…I’ll be in a crappy apartment at first. I’ll be broke as a joke for a few months. But if the gas gets turned off…at least it won’t be below freezing…and there will be plenty of other places for me to crash in the meantime…



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