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MY love is like SEE-SAW (sing it wit’ me now…)


Would you like to know TODAY’s decision regarding the relocation?

Not really?



Cause today, I’m leaning of the side of judgement. I believe that I’m going to stay in Detroit for a few more months. A few meaning…six or so. Maybe a year.

I know… I know…I just ran down ALL the reasons why I need to move. Those reasons have not changed. I DO see and understand exactly why I need/want to relocate. Howver, my finances…my state of mind are/is not condusive to my leaving the “dirty mitten” right now.

If I stay, I can find a nice studio in the city, pay less in rent than I’m paying now. Not have to pay utilities. I can save money so that I can afford to live in the kind of place I want to live in when I move to ATL. Not the dope-boy infested, crime ridden, roach motels that seem to be the only places willing to approve me and my “poor- fair” credit rating. 

OR I can take that extra money and TRAVEL! I’ve been a flight attendant for almost three years and I always work so much just to cover my bills. If I find a cheaper place in MIchigan I can take that money and actually USE my flight benefits. Spend a couple days on the beach in Florida… do some shopping in NYC… catch a play in Chicago… Finally experience Vegas…

Plus, I think I was moving for everyone else. My mom was ready for me to move on the the next step in life. friends  in ATL were looking forward to my move (sorry Boog), my Daddy really wanted to have me around.

 He seemed the most hurt when I told him. I know this because he barely spoke on it. And we’ve already established that he is a man of few emotions. I could tell…he was disappointed. ANd that was enough to send me BACK to Craigslist searching “apartments/housing” in the Atlanta area.

I just KNOW that anytime I want to do something…publish a book or become a flight attendant or a manager, move to a new place…meet a new person etc. The universe usually  opens it’s doors and windows for me. Opprotunities come knocking…money falls from the heavens. And with this whole “Atlanta fiasco”…that has not been the case. In fact, the opposite is true. I asked the other day …at what point do I concede defeat? TODAY.

Today I do what I know is right. And that’s to stay in Detroit.
Hey…who know’s what can/ will happen?


I don’t.

Let’s just hang on tightly…and enjoy the ride.



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  1. 04/21/2008 6:59 pm

    girl you sound like me earlier this year debating on if i need to leave detroit as well. i finally decided to move to chicago next summer, and use this time to get my money right and put some things in order. when spirit tells you to move (not literally or literally in this situation) you do it, but ain’t nothin’ wrong with having a plan first. i’ll be praying/sending positive vibes and the like for some favor for you!

    much love,


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