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Thoughts on Sean Bell Verdict…Take II


I’m packing. Transitioning. I believe I’ve found the right place for me. A loft not far from the old Tiger stadium, in the shadow of Detroit’s new Motor City Casino. I’m having some second thoughts and have an appointment to view another place in the New Center Area.

The windows are open and there’s a light breeze. I’ve got the radio on…no satelite…just regular old radio. I’m analogue that way. The sounds of the city’s Cass Corridor float in. The wretched squirrels are scampering away on the roof…and Micheal Baisden is talking about Sean Bell.

I’m so disappointed.

I’m so hurt

It’s my own fault.

With all the Obama-Rama going on, I guess I’d forgotten how afraid America is of Black Men. In light of Pastor Wright and the shedding of light on OUR (read: Black America) outrage, frustration, and impatience with the way things are going here… I guess I just KNEW that the judge would rule in favor in the memory of Sean Bell and in the best interest of his family and of the people of New York and America.

I don’t think that Judge Cooperman wanted to be the one to set a precedent.


If the just system starts holding police RESPONSIBLE can you imagine the reprucussions? The city would have to add the astronomical cost of Gold Bonds Medicated Powder to the already rising cost of health care as a way to treat those itchy trigger fingers. And speaking of fingers…The city wouldn’t have to worry about four annoying fingers pointing back at themselves when they point the finger of blame at the VICTIMS of this rampant police violence. All because some maverick judge decided to do the RIGHT thing.

And they wonder why we rejoiced when OJ walked away. When WE suspected just as well as THEY did that he was guilty. It was the fact that he may have gotten away with it. After Rodney King, we were just glad to see something turn out in OUR favor.

Speaking of OUR…why is it that we are always grouped together anyway? When Tim McVeigh blew up the OKC federal building, no one started profiling young white men. When the Catholic priests were found molesting children, America didn’t hide the children from white clergy.   

*pause that was quite an unfocused Aquarian rant. We now return you to your irratically scheduled blog*

What will this verdict mean for Obama?

Will he be able to continue to loosely associate himself as a black man, or will he have to take a stance. As a lawyer and as a Black man, I believe he will have to make a choice. I’m sure his team will put together a nicely worded statement. Just as they did when the Jena 6 fiasco was in full swing. I can’t say that I’d blame him. SOMEONE has to stay focused on the bigger picture. He can’t do anyone any good if he gets knocked out of the running for attempting to proove his black manhood.


So yeah…I know I’m still all over the place. Thanks for bearing with me.

Tell me what YOU think about this whole Sean Bell disappointment. Got links to good sites or blogs or articles?

Share them with us.


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  1. vivrant thang permalink
    04/25/2008 8:30 pm

    No, you’re not all over the place. What you’re saying is quite clear and all too true. How in the hell are they locking up Michael Vick for dogfighting and Wesley Snipes for THREE years and these mofos get NOTHING?

    I’m just sickened by this.

    I linked up your post. I did one of my own but I can’t really say much. I had to use music to speak for me. I just can’t. Thanks for verbalizing my thoughts.

  2. Ant Head permalink
    04/25/2008 11:10 pm

    Sick. Just as I’m reading this blog, Inside Edition is talking about the reaction to the case now.
    just went to the probation office today myself- sick.
    This whole system sickens me.
    Something must be done.
    What, How, I’m not sure
    who, well, I’m not dead (yet).


  1. Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler): The Sean Bell Case « SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE

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