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Crys’s got keys!


As previously reported, I found a place to live. In Michigan. Detroit. City Proper.

I got my keys today. I should be happy. Right?

The search is over. I can stop pouring over Craigslist ads and cold calling strangers. Thing is…I’ve run into a snag. I thought that the bulding manager told me the security deposit would be a half month’s rent. In fact, she said a MONTH AND A HALF! This crib cut into my funds….seriously. And now I have an expense to take care of …and the money is gone. I HAD to have somewhere to live though. What was I supposed to do?

ANywho…I got keys. I’m moving stuff in…small loads at a time until I get a truck tomorrow.

All’s well that ends well.
(what the hell does that mean anyway?)



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  1. ManOverboard permalink
    04/27/2008 2:12 am

    all is well that ends with you making it to your destination without 50 shots being fired at you!!
    happily ever after!

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