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The Roots Crew….


About a year ago, I downloaded a bunch of shows from Its a compilation of live shows from 1994 until about 2003. This music has been the soundtrack to this move. I just gotta say…Black Thought? Amazing!  Musical composition? Ridiculous! Its obvious why THE ROOTS has never gotten much radio play…why their songs aren’t on main stream radio every hour on the hour. Even the ones that do make it to the station manager’s play list are never the hottest tracks on the album.
For some reason it seems that a true appreciation for ROOTS is limited to backpackers (even those thirty-something, white, middle-class back packers still living home with Ma and Pa), Professional hip-hop heads (read: junior execs, college admissions officers, professors, engineers and lawyers by day HEAD KNODDERS by night), and International aficianodos( read: Japanese kids who get their hair processed to look like black folk so that it matches their baggy jeans, timberlands, and back packs). All of which have been fans of THE ROOTS since ORGANIX. It doesn’t look like THE ROOTS acquire any NEW fans as each album is released. So, I just figured I’d do MY part. 

I say all this because THE ROOTS release “RISING DOWN” today. GO COP THAT!!!!

For those who may not be familiar with the speckled history of the LEGENDARY ROOTS CREW….wikipedia has a pretty inclusive discology, including past members, all albums, and updates. Check it out HERE.

OR you could always hit, or Either one. But get hip! The roots are one of the most groovy, thrilling, lyrically and musically challenging groups of ALL TIME!!! They’ll be on tour with one Ms. Erykah Badu this summer. I’ll be catching that show in Phoniex, AZ. And maybe Detroit too (at the expense of my gas and electris bills).Check out
LIVE NATION are the tour dates.

 That is all. Back to moving this insignificant ish from one rented hell whole to another…



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  1. 14KT permalink
    05/02/2008 4:43 am

    I was JUST thinking about how I STILL get excited for a Roots album when it comes out ever since Do You Want More?? for me…I wasn’t up on Organix till I heard Do you want More first. Since then, I bought their albums the DAY OF from the store. Rising Down is soooo dope….from beginning to end…I love how it starts off…

  2. ManOverboard permalink
    05/03/2008 4:06 am

    both phrenology and the tippin point were just so so as far roots albums go…this one is crazy….as ill as BT is….i was missin malik b and styles comes with maybe the craziest verse on the whole album…i wil not apologize and i can’t help it are immediate classics!

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