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Free Thought Fridays….


This is the part where I rattle off random things…I warned you in “WHO IS COOL CRYS” that this day was coming. Now! SUBMITT TO THE WRATH OF MY RANDOMNESS:

I’ve decided to IGNORE the presidential election until Autumn. In fact. I do believe that I’ll ignore politics and news all together. That means…there will be no blogs regarding Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his illicit affair with chief of staff Christine Beatty.

I WILL not lament my disgust with his stupidity.  Or how he should have KNOWN BETTER. I won’t argue that he KNEW that the illusive “THEY” were out to get him and if he was gonna get caught up in something…it sure shouldn’t have been pussy. I WON’T go into how silly Ms. Beady sounds in her text messages (yes, they’ve been released). I’m not complaining about  how she sounds like a teenager, not a highly educated, rational, responsible black woman. I won’t go into how I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s wanted Kwame since highschool and thus was behaving as such. NOPE. I’m not ever gonna talk about how this whole scandal is a fluster-f*uck (take THAT asterick VerySmartBrothas), or how the entire city has been embarrased and disgraced all in the pursuit of pussy. They deserve each other.

And while I’m NOT speaking on politics or the election, I’ll also be sure to keep my opinion about the Obama-Wright debauchal. I won’t even whisper a word about how I think this whole “break” is a well orchestrated publicity stunt that may be too little, too late. I mean, these two have been too cool for too long. I won’t go into how IRRELEVANT the entire ordeal is. Since BUSH was still voted into office  his second term despite his family’s relationship with the Bin Laden’s and the Saudis.

You don’t believe what I’m NOT saying? Read it yourself. So, I won’t if write about how I STILL think that America will vote for him..execpt for young white males, who feel threatened by a BLACM MAN in the WHITE HOUSE.


Even though I will…vote that is…in November…when I stop ignoring politics.


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