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Ok…so now I REALLY back. For real, for real…


I know I said I was back about a week ago, and then I disappeared into the oblivion of cyber space. Well this time, I’m back. For real. I bought a service that allows me to get on line at more places. Various airports, hotels, coffee shop and the like. So, you can expect updates from me more often.

In the meantime, let’s re-cap the life of CRYSTAL over the last couple of weeks.

* My dad offered me a part time job in his cooling and refrigeration business. It was while doing this job that I learned that the word ‘ R-E-F-R-I-G-E-R-A-T-I-O-N’ does NOT have the letter “D” in it. Who knew? I didn’t. Now, I just have to find the time to work this part time gig. He’s willing to pay pretty well. I think its his way of helping with out just handing out money.

He and I had a heart to heart and I told him a lot of what was on my mind. I didn’t tell him about my abandonment issues…especially after he said that his decision to leave us was an easy one.But one day…one day…

* After having a particularly difficult day at the airline (side note: PLEASE BE NICE, and COOPERATIVE to/with your Flight Attendants), I texted a home gurl of mine and told her to send the word out that I needed POSITIVE NRG. I just didn’t think I’d make it through the day with my sanity. With in two hours. …a fiesty, elderly black woman and her home gurl stopped me in the aisle while I was conducting a final walk through before take off. “ WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU”, whispered in my ear. It sounded like the voice of GD. The LOUDEST/SOFTED whisper I’ve ever heard. She and her friend smiled an nodded at me. It was ll I needed. I felt that the power of the universe was behind those words. I felt like I was working that flight for my ancestors and for my unborn children. I had to take a moment in the lav (flight attendant speak for “the shitter”) and compose myself. .//

I was moved to tears. I felt FULL. And Overwhelmed. Humbled and exhaulted. I think that maybe kinda what the holy ghost feels like. I was so JOYOUS. Six words. THANKS ADAORA. ‘Cause whatever prayers, chants, and meditations you sent up WORKED! Don’t tell me what can’t happen when BLK wombyn PRAY!

*Because and hour after that…my land lady called. Said she has another loft on my floor that she thinks I’ll like better. And folks have been interested in it, but she’s saving it for me to look at on Saturday. I pray so. Because MY unit it LOUD! There’s a band below me that ONLY rehearses at four in the a.m. The folks upstairs sound like they are building bowling alleys in their spare time (no pun intended…or was it?) and the girl next door just got a puppy. Need I say more.

* Now, all I need to happen is for me to be able to get MONDAY off so that I can go to the SEVENTH ANNUAL STAR-B-QUE with my Eastern Star sisters. (noon-until, Lower Huron Metro Park, Belleville, Michigan. FREE FOOD, MUSIC, FUN).And with the way things have been going….Its gonna happen.

So that’s what’s been up in MY world. Thanks for askin’…

There’s more…but I’ll save it for my post tonight…when I layover in Houston…

Until then..

Be Cool World


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  1. 06/08/2008 1:27 am

    My love does cooling and refrigeration but i’ve always known it was lacking a “d”. lol

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