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It’s the PM post in tha AM…


Peace Cool World,

I know I was supposed to post in the pm…but its now 12:16am ..central time. I’m chillin’ in a Holiday Inn in Houston, TX (BIG UPS TX) about to smoke a diet Newport in a non-smoking room. Ah well.

I’ve been web surfing (is it still called “surfing” or is that so 1990’s?) for the last three hours. I checked out a few of my normal ‘haunts’. I want you all (how ever many of YOU here are) to check out  SKILLZ BLOG, because a funny thing happened to him on the way from the concert…it was worth a good chuckle. And while you’re putzing aroung onOKAYPLaYER go check out ?uest Love’s new blog. He had quite a following on MYSPACE and now packed up his set and moved shop and is just as honest, well-written, and informative as ever…and just a bit narcissistic.

OK…I can get off of OKAYPLAYER’s nutz now.


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