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Six Random Things….


I took this idea from Labella Noire’s blog. I wasn’t tagged or anything. It just seemed like a good writing prompt…So here it goes. Six random things about Cool Crys….

1. I really want a PDA. Preferably a red Black Berry. Here’s the kicker…I can count on ONE hand the number of phone calls I get in a day. And most of those are from my honey. So WHY OH WHY do I want a Black Berry? They make one look very important. I’d look like I’ve got some kinda business going on…important things to do…important people to talk to. Ya know? I believe that someone mentioned this PDA infatution on STUFF EDUCATED BLACK PEOPLE LIKE. If not there…then it was on Either way, there’s no reason that I need a friggin’ black berry. Right? Cause only Honey, B, Boog, and Mamma call me. And occasionally my job.



2. I don’t have an I POD. Sometimes, I feel like the ONLY person on the planet without a friggin’ MP3 player. True, my CURRENT phone has a built in player, but I gave up on downloading music to it months ago. It was too much of a hassle. So, the play list I have on it (119 songs) will be the only ones I will ever travel with….Until I actually buy an IPOD.

3. I NEVER travel. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. “But Cool Crys, You’re a flight attendant”. True. I do spend ALOT of time in airports and hotels. But I never travel on my own. You’d think that I’d be all over the world. But I never have time. And I never have the money. I go to PHX once a season. I spend time in ATL. But…that’s it. I’ve got the greatest intentions. ANd on top of all that…I’ve NEVER BEEN TO VEGAS! (GASP!). I never really wanted to go cause I don’t gamble. And I attempt not to put myself into situation where there is an abundance of alcohol and no time restraints…SO…no Vegas. BUUUUuuuut:

4. Here’s the list of places I WANT to go:





New Orleans




5. Somewhere deep down inside me, I think I’m special. Now, I KNOW that everyone thinks that they are special. Our mommas make sure we know it from the time we’re little. That’s not the kind of special I’m talking about. I mean….I mean like NEO from the MATRIX special. Or 4400/HEROs special.  Like I have a hidded mission, or talent that I haven’t been able to tap into just yet. Something that I am MEANT to do that will CHANGE THE WORLD. I actually spend a great deal of time thinking about it. My dreams are very vivid and they usually confirm this deep seeded desire. I don’t know…maybe its all the Sci-PHI that I read and watch.  But I REALLY believe that one day (maybe in Peru or Brazil) I’ll discover some ancient ruins. Wherein will be inscribed a prophecy of some kind that tells the story of my arrival and leads me on a mystical  journey. I’ll discover that I am some KMT Goddess reborn or something of the sort. Please DON’T TELL ANYONE. We MUST keep my identity secret until the time has come…(smirk).

6. Last but not least…I spend most of my money on BOOKS and FOOD. I think I have a problem. .
I will spend MY LAST ten dollars on a book because it “called” out to me…or on sushi just because I had a taste for it. If I stopped making impulse purchases on books and food…I’d have an additional $200 or so in my bank account at the end of each month…and far more room in the trunk of my car (which is currently filled with books

So tha’s it. Six random things about Cool Crys. Who’s next?


Be Peace Cool World. 

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  1. 05/31/2008 5:48 pm

    Ok, wait, the books in your trunk….have you read them all? LOL.

    I want to go to Kenya/Ghana and New Orleans too.

    Love these blogs.


  2. 06/01/2008 2:50 pm

    LOL As far as the Blackberry thing don’t feel bad. I have one. I can count my daily phone calls on one hand too. Only people that call me is my granny, my mama, and 1 friend. That’s it. Why do I have one? So I can check my emails, but I work from home so I can just do that on the pc. The GPS thing on it is really cool when you’re trying to find a place, but I don’t even have a car right now so I don’t drive that much. But who cares I think a girl should treat herself to what she wants sometimes………I so feel you on the traveling thing. I go to Chicago like twice a year and get really excited about that but, I haven’t really been any place. I never even went a real spring break trip 😦 My feet need to hit some sand and I’m not talking about on Belle Isle Beach LOL. I need Jamaica, Egypt, Cuba, or any damn place outside of the U.S. In my life

  3. 06/01/2008 2:53 pm

    BTW, I think I’m gonna steal this too and do 6 random things in my blog , let’s keep it going lol

  4. 06/04/2008 12:51 am

    Yep. I’ve read ’em all. With the exception of one or two non-fictions that I TRIED to read, but turned out to be boring as hell!

  5. 06/07/2008 10:01 pm


  6. Qui permalink
    06/30/2008 1:28 am

    I know what you mean about spending money on food and books. I’ve managed to solve one of the problems. Most of my fiction books I now get from the library. That way I can read five books, not spend a dime, and then go back and get many more. Especially on new authors or books I’m not so sure about.

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