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Bonus blog(poem): One red dress


I’ve been wearing the same red dress for four days now

No panties . No bra.

(Welcome to MY summer) 

old fashioned halter topped and flowing to my ankles only one seam in the entire garment. On Tuesday I wore it as a skirt, pulling the halter to my waist and twirling like a little girl, my boyfriend’s undershirt up top.

In my red dress I’ve

loved my man

checked my mail

wrote my blog

prayed to my GD

cooked our breakfast

returned phone calls

watched eight films

walked the dog

drank two vodka tonics

washed four loads of laundry


smoked an entire pack of cigarettes. At night I take it off and sling it over the top of the door between the bedroom and the master bath, not that it will wrinkle.constructed of this miraculous blend of cotton and spandex. And then I sleep in the nude. With Michigan’s summer wind playing with my nipples as I dream.


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