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I don’t usually deal in fashion, trends, celebrity gossip and the like. Even though those seem to be the blogs that do very well. But I just HAD to put spend my two cents on this tid bit.  It’s been all over the Internet for weeks creating quite a buzz.

 Italian Vogue is set to release its JULY issue. It will featuring a 100 page spread using ONLY BLACK models!

ITS WONDERFUL! Or at least it may be. There’s been talk in the exclusive fashion world for the last two or three years, of the lack of an ethnic presence on the runways of major designers and in the spreads of publications. Every article I’ve read on the coming edition of Vogue makes a point to mention that  Naomi Campbell has been the exception. One article seen HERE mentions her name FOUR times as if SHE has been the only black super model….ever. C’mon people!!!

I think its wonderful that the fashion industry…or specifically Italian VOGUE has examined its prejudices and self-corrected. However, I fear that there will be this big media frenzy (which is already in effect…just google Italian Vogue with BLACK)) and the issue will come out. It will sell, thus proving that ethnic models CAN move magazines off the shelves. And then the matter will be dropped. Three years from now when agents still can’t find work for black models, the industry will say “what are you talking about? We did an ENTIRE MAGAZINE with ONLY black models. WE AREN’t DISCRIMINATING.”

My other concern is that “Black” models that are used will be the same light-bright, long haired, bone thin girls that the entertainment industry has always promoted. Looking at the possible covers above…do ANY of those women have negroid features?  Asian maybe, or perhaps even middle-eastern (which techmically is Asian too, I suppose), but not necessarily black. Will we see the Alex Weks or Atong Arjok’s? Will there be any NEW faces other than Ms. Jordun Dunn and Chanel Iman? Isn’t the entire issue of BLACK BEAUTY wrapped up in our negroid features. Isn’t it the NAPPY hair, large noses, big hips and butts, and chocolate skin that makes us unmarketable. Aren’t those the features deemed inferior? UGLY? We don’t just want to see “black” models. We want to see BLACK models with real, not exaggerated, features, Not black models dressed up like dark skinned white women.  Although there IS word that Toccora of AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL fame will be included in the shoot.
Don’t get me wrong. I think it FABULOUS! Absolutely amazing and gutsy to have a 100 page spread using only black models. I’ll definitely be buying a copy…or three to frame and hang…or to set out on my coffee table next to my OBAMA covers. I just really hope that aspiring BLACK models will actually be able to get more work as a result. I pray that this isn’t just a spectacle…seeing as how it may be the only thing in fashion that hasn’t been done before.

We’ll see.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled (unfashionable) blog….

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  1. 06/23/2008 12:33 am

    Crys, I feel you. I just have a few things to share. 1) I would love to see an issue of Vogue will all Black models. However, like you, I would love to see the full spectrum of what Black is. Naomi is beautiful, but she is not American and not connected to the racism in American from which I get my context for why such an issue would be over due. In short, she is brown but she and I have very different culturalperspectives. I cannot relate to a millionaire brrit who throws phones and insults police officers and gets community service… but this is not the time nor place for that.

    2) The media, society, or whomever has a history of taking everything Black folks have created, designed, accomplished, etc. and packing it in to a great big old box and expecting us to be fine with in, until it is due again and we speak out and they do it again to shut us up.

    3) Finally, the magazine is going to sell not because it will feature all Black models, it will sell because of the media and how this issue has been played up and promoted. Clearly you can take anything, good or not and play it upand people will think they really want it and respond as if they always did.

    In fact, isn’t that the whole fashion industry in a nutshell?

    With Peace,


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