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Sunday morning mish-mash…


This is kind of a random post…but then again..I’m kind of a random woman.

I was wondering exactly how many FOX THEATERS there are. It seems that every city I visit has one. And they aren’t just regular old Fox theaters either. Each and every one of them is THE FABULOUS FOX. So I was wondering: why are there so many Fox Theaters? How did they get their name? HERE’s what I found. Appearantly there are twenty-seven Fox theaters, many of which are still open.  Cool. Right?

Last night was the “Until We Meet Again” formal for my ten year class reunion. It was a pretty good time. Although I wasn’t going to go…a few friends convinced me. I enjoyed myself. Now, I don’t know if its my sensitive Aquarian nature…but I felt the need to unload my concious of some things. I apologized to a girl that I was particularly cruel to in high school. And unnecessarily I informed a classmate that I never slept with her boyfriend. Of course this was AFTER the Jack Daniels on the rocks and Hennessey and coke( how quickly we return to old habits, right?)  I see now ( that I’m sober) just how irrelevant it all was…but I wanted to feel comfortable hanging out and socializing with people who I KNEW talked shyt about me. And addressing this classmate was one way to do that.


I’m back at home now…and glad about it. Anyone from Flint who no longer lives there can tell you…its like…..I’ll get back to you on what Flint, MI is like…cause the dog needs to go out for a poo. ..and I can’t seem to find the words to accurately describe my hometown. Thank goodness for small distractions.

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  1. 07/04/2008 6:51 pm

    Definitely hear you on Flint and rehashing w/random classmates. My reunion is in a couple of weeks…should be interesting. Enough of me, I don’t get hear for each new post, but I do backtrack the catalogue for anything I missed. Keep banging it out, your thoughts don’t fall on deaf eyes…, ears.

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