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Let us march on…


I saw this on the news on Thursday…but only a snippet. I just watched the entire video on Myspace blog.  So many folks were SOOOO upset with this woman for what she did. This was the mose effective protest…social/political demonstration that I’ve seen a a long time.


Tell me what YOU think. Lets start a dialogue.

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  1. Rachel Erina permalink
    07/06/2008 3:50 am

    I saw this on the news the other day…For some reason I was so proud of her…She took a stand in a way that was synonymous with who she is as an individual…She used the talent that God blessed her with to speak out…That takes major courage…And maybe it wasn’t appropriate but if it had been, would the point have gotten across? or when I have even seen it in the news?…No, it wouldn’t have and I would have never heard about it…and I’m glad she didn’t apologize…

  2. 07/06/2008 1:21 pm

    People always criticize us when we say there are multiple Americas… whether it be Blacks, gays, womens, the disabled, short people… there are different circumstances that fragment our realities. You can only see them if you are in them or when some one protests in the way this sister did.

    I am proud! This sister lets me know that people still believe in WORDS LIKE FREEDOM. I take what she did as a reminder that there are things I can do to speak out and protest.

  3. 07/07/2008 2:59 am

    Ditto. I blogged about this also but, I didn’t have the video footage. I am also very proud of this sister! Big ups to her!

  4. Sal permalink
    07/09/2008 12:32 am

    I love at the end when the man was expecting her to apologize, and she didn’t… that’s the best part.

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