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THIS is “Adam’s” Immortality


First man lived on God’s Greeeen earth
Backwards birth…popped up out the sand a grown man.
And now brain to bench or grill to ground, Adam sleeps

He sleeps on the street.
Prepared with coat as
pillow and mattress
and umbrella as
protection from the
elements. This

is Adam’s new life.
He told that he used
to live in a home
for seniors. Before
that the King projects

after HIS OWN place
on Chicago
and Dexter. West Side.
Traced it back to Black.

First: War. Was traded
one leg for one heart.
And now Adam has
two hearts and three limbs
No way for man to

live. Then Prison snatched
all that was left of
him. Adam shared this.
Testimony of
his exodus from

Adam is not man
but anonymous,
soul dipped in cognac.

Slipped and through cracks he
leaped. Deep into the
Abyss of living
namesless. Shameless one

with a story to
tell. Listening re-
minded me just how
mortal we are. Right?

Oblivious to
the plight and lives and
deaths and rebirths
of MEN such as Adams.

Because Adam is
just AMAN without
These words are for the
of all the others.

*pic is from a SWEET photo site check it out.

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  1. Qui permalink
    07/12/2008 4:10 am

    This is all I see at my job, the veterens long forgotten, destroyed by war and forced to fend for themselves, disabled mentally and physically, i fear that we may have created another generation of Adam’s in Iraq…..

  2. Bcam permalink
    07/16/2008 2:51 am

    This is reality for many people displaced in this world. Dope poem Cool Crys

    Be Peace

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