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Saturday afternoon…



Not much to report. It’s raining in Michigan. I go back to teh daily grind tomorrow after nearly ten days off. Hopefully I will be renewed and rejuvenated and inspired enough to NOT die of boredom at work this week.

I’ve been thouroughly ignoring the news, so i don’t know what’s going on in OBAMA-land, or HIGH-ASS-GAS-PRICE-ville, or IRAQ-WAR town. Forgive me. I don’t know who dropped albums this week or who’s new video has gotten 100,000 hits since going viral. I don’t know what shows are coming up or anything. I needed a break.

I DO know that HANCOCK was a very intersting movie and that you should all go see it. YOU KNOW that WILL SMITH is the KING of summe rblock busters. Go see it and then hit me back. Let me know if YOU saw as much symbolism in the movie as I did. Or if I’m just a paranoid psuedo-nationalist. “Cause by the end of the movie…the message was clear “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, YOU IMMORTAL NUBIAN GODS, BUT STAY AWAY FROM WHITE WOMEN…THEY WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU….”

Great debate…right? Get at me.

So until then…PEACE!

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  1. 07/21/2008 12:40 am

    Yes. I saw Hancock last week. It’s different but, funny.

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