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Tomorrow never dies


It is 1337 Monday afternoon… Eastern standard/military time. I awoke on Sunday morning at about 11:30am and have not been to sleep since.
“Why Crys?”, you may ask, “Why, oh why, haven’t you gone to sleep?”

I’ll tell you.

I was due into ATL for work at 0636 Monday morning. In order to get there in time, I’d planned to commute in on a flight on Sunday evening… around 1700 (5pm). This wasn’t the last flight out of Detroit ot ATL. There were two others AFTER said flight between the two airlines I have travel benefits on. Well, due to the weather on the east coast yesterday, ONE flight to JFK was cancelled. As a result, MY flight, which previously had plenty of available seats for stand-by crew members going to work, departed Detroit FULL and without moi! AND the next two flights over sold as a result of this JFK cancellation and other delays.

So, start the clock.

I ended up flying to Knoxville, TN at 10pm. And renting a car. I then DROVE from Knoxville to ATL. 3 1/2 hour drive. After sitting in the Detroit airport for four hours. I arrived in Atlanta road- weary and stankin’ at about 4am. Washed up in the airport, put on my wrinkled uniform. I THEN discovered that I’d left my work shoes in MICHIGAN!! WTF????

So here I am. 5 am. By this time. I’ve been awake for about nineteen hours with twelves hours of work to look forward to. I Punch into work:

Flight attendant manual? CHECK!
Extra draws? CHECK!
Brown Suga stockings in “coffee”? CHECK!
mid high ’06 Nike Blazers? CHECK!!

Nah, playa.Not so fly.
Dunks don’t go with polyester/wool blend.
Plus, I KNOW if I get caught, I’m gettin’ a write up. Eventually, I made it to Buffalo with minimal comments from passengers.

Now, its 1:57. I just spent $75 bucks on new shoes…just so I won’t get in trouble…and so people stop lookin’ at me like I’m the uni-bomber. (Picture it:flight attendant in nylons and dunks.)
I’ve already shelled out $115 for the rental car and the gas to fill it up.
That brings the GRAND total to almost $200 just to GET to work
Here’s the kicker. I’ll only make about $120 today once all the flying is done….BEFORE TAXES.
This cool cat daddies and mammas…is THE definition of IRONY.

I’ve been living off twizzlers and nicotine. I haven’t eatten since Honey and I cooked breakfast on Sunday morning. Now, I CAN’T eat. I have no appetite.

I could go on and on…Aunt Flo rode into town yesterday.

My land lady is jerking me around on a pest problem she had previous knowlege of…

I haven’t had a shower.

I’m [——–] <—- THIS close to having a friggin’ break down in the middle of Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
So if you see me on the news tonight…don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Dos Dados.
Two Fangas.

I beleive I may be delirious.

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  1. Eric permalink
    07/21/2008 7:38 pm

    Wow..tough day. Can I take the chance at sounding corny and say it can only get better from here? Thanks for sharing…

  2. 07/22/2008 12:11 am

    Damn Crys! I’m sorry to hear all of that but, you’re a soldier. I don’t know if I could have dished out all that money and drove 3 1/2 hours to work. So bigs up to you ! With all of that, you must have something really good in store! Keep your head up!

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