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Amazed White man…



Look at the wonderful comment that AN AMAZED WHITE MAN was kind enough…and intelligent enough to send me. He commented on an Obama post that I did a couple months ago. Isn’t he brilliant? Isn’t his writing just ground breaking? Isn’t he so articulate?
He invited me to respond, but I chose not to. Instead I’m posting HIS email here so if any of YOU would like to dialogue with this imbecile you are more than welcome to. Though I would advise against it. says:
you stupid boon. obama is only 4% black. he is 50% white and 46% muslim ! you blacks never stop amazing me how stupid you are. you see a color and jump on board. let me ask you this. why would we want a black president knowing the following facts are true.
52% of all black males will commit at least one serious felony in their lifetime. 32% of all black males 16-21 are in jail,on parole or on probation. 68% of all black females tested have herpes.62% of all inner city black males 16-62 are jobless. 55% of all murders in usa are by blacks, EVEN THOUGH YOU ONLY ACCOUNT FOR 13% OF THE POPULATION !!!!! BLACKS COMMIT 65% OF ALL RAPES !!!!!! AVERAGE ADULT BLACK PERSON has THE IQ OF AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD OF ANY OTHER RACE ! with an average iq of 85 ( 75 being retarded ). heres why EVERYONE hates blacks.
not because of your color, because of the sheer devastation,crime,welfare,etc. you only make 13% of the population but kill,rape,steal,pillage,etc. far more than any other race. blacks are simply too stupid to realize your killing the very people who support you,whites. after you kill us all, and take over usa, it will be just like africa,bands of gangs and warlands, drug infested. without whites, who will pay for welfare and take of you, as you proved incapable of supporting yourselves. blacks simply live for “gots to gets mines nows” attitude. no concept of unity,family,morals,values,society rules,etc. your like uncaged annimals capable of killing someone for simply stepping on your new basketball sneakers. blacks have NEVER done anything positive antwhere in the world. in my opinion, blacks must force other blacks to STOP THIS ! and act accordingly, but no, you won’t, you’ll blame whitey for all your devastation and misery you cause to innocent hard working people every day ! god, i hate you god damm niggers for what youve and continue to do. please respond back, that is, if you can form anything intelligent to say. p.s. if you do respond, NO EBONICS BABBLE, i can’t decifer that shit.

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  1. Qui permalink
    07/26/2008 8:13 pm

    Ok, clearly he’s lonely and just needs someone to talk to. It can’t get anymore obvious that he wanted to have some human contact( which I’m sure he barely gets behind those padded walls), by trying to insight some form of hate dialogue that would go back and forth, so he would have something to be excited about everyday. I’m glad you didn’t respond because he is obviously messaging you from the insane asylum. Girl just take it as a compliment that he felt such an impact from your words that he had to get out of the straight jacket to talk to you.

  2. 07/27/2008 4:57 am

    Umm I’m sorry but, I couldn’t even finish reading the foolishness. I’m not in the mood to have my blood boil today. Anyway I hope all is cool in the world of Crys !

  3. 07/28/2008 7:27 pm


    I’m with Qui on this one. Consider it a compliment that he was so moved by your words he just had to speak to Cool Crys! However, for one he can’t even spell. For two, where is the grammer? Run on sentences, commas used out of text, and not 1 but 5 misspelled words! To be “the all powerful, we take care of you white man” he sounds ignorant as hell!

    I’m glad you did’nt respond cause your intense intellect and advanced vocabulary would have proberbly made him realize how much of an idiot he really is.

    Keep up the movement big sis!

  4. Rachel Erina permalink
    07/29/2008 10:41 pm

    somehow…and i don’t know why…i felt like this couldn’t be real…like some kinda sick satire…but I’m sure it’s not…this is so completely ignorant that it’s sad…it doesn’t even make me angry…it’s just pitiful…

  5. Ant Head aka Thorough_brotha permalink
    08/04/2008 2:23 am

    Oh my goodness, I am cryin’ over here. I read this out loud to the Mrs. and we are just like “wow.” That dude sounds like he just got gang raped by a bunch of them sweet bois in jail…you know, when he was in the lockup for detox. SOMEBODY touched that Nigga! lol I must say, I do agree with him, I hate nigga’s too…esp them white ones lol.
    Too funny.
    Let me go play with my baby lol

  6. Truth permalink
    08/06/2008 9:17 am

    He tells the truth, plain and simple.

    Blacks prefer to blame white people for their problems, rather than work on fixing them.

    Whitey will always have to take care of them.

  7. 09/30/2008 1:14 am

    Meth is a helluva drug

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