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What I did over my summer vacation


Peace Cool World…
I know its been a minute. Don’t hate me. Please. I’ve been living. Wanna know what I’ve been doin’ for the last few months?


I went to my high school reunion. TEN YEARS! Can you friggin’ believe it?

This picture is about two thirds of my graduating class….In the pic..if you look close…you can see SUPER producer SYIENCE and INDUSTRY CRUSHER model/actress B. Houston! NOt bad for a school with only 600 students…right?

I went to my first family reunion. Saw the ARCh of St. Louis…not that that’s a huge feat…but it was cool to me. I’m the one in the blue shirt…(smirk)

My honey and I went to Cedar point….you’ve already read about our exploits there.

I went to hear BARAK OBAMA speak in DETROIT with my SIs-Stars! THIS is what you’d call “throngs of people”. Right?

I eradicated the bedbugs in my apartment….moved a new apartment…and flown more miles than most folks walk. I’ve met some facinating people. Eatten some delicious food (and THAT’s very important to me 🙂

Its been a good summer. I look forward to the Autumn!


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  1. 09/17/2008 4:11 am

    yay! you’re back!

  2. 09/17/2008 12:10 pm

    Welcome back Crys! I am happy to see you did more than just mope around and write poetry like I did. I MISS U SO MUCH! I am sad that we havent gotten together.

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