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I’m back…but I feel like a big phat PHONY


Peace CW,

What’s been happenin’? Now that I’m all moved in, feeling better, and getting my life together…things are GRAND!!!! (sing a little ditty here).

I went out last night…if you can consider a jazz club in Ann Arbor  on a Sunday night “out“. My homegurl B. Houston had her INDUSTRY CRUSHER MAGAZINE release party at the FIREFLY club. It went pretty well. I know I told you all when I started writing for the project. Well…to my suprise, I open the mag to the contributers page and find that I was listed as EDITOR IN CHIEF! WTF and Word Up! It’s goin’ RIGHT ON THE resume.
Here’s my issue: although I did contribute three of the six or seven articles I was in NO WAY the Editor in Chief. I played the part of consultant from time to time…offering my support as well as my opinion on things when asked. But I had no creative control over any aspect of the mag. In the literary world the E in C is the where the buck stops. They have FINAL SAY on any and everything on EVERY PAGE! I had no real editing work to do. She’d ask “How’s this look to you?” I’d say “Hmm…that looks fine to me” and that was it.

 I kinda feel like now, because I’m named as E in C…I may recieve some of the glory in the even that the publication is a success…but I will also be held responsible for the outcome of the mag in the event that it is NOT the raving success that all involved pray it to be. I am open to any critisim. And that sucks… Because although I am VERY proud of my homie for accomplishing this entire thing… She put in so much work, time and money…It was not/is not MY vision.

I don’t know if I should say something to my home girl. I’m flattered that she thought enough of me to include me in such a huge capacity. As a writer…the title and resposibility of the Editor in Chief is a BIG DEAL. But I DON’T feel like IC was MY BABY. Don’t feel like I contributed (used for the third time) enough to be considered Editor in Chief and to see my name there makes me feel like a big, fat PHONY.  Its over and done now…the mag is in print…There’s no turning back. Is it even worth mentioning?

What should I do Cool World?

Help a sistah out here.

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  1. 09/30/2008 4:21 pm

    What’s up Crys!? It was good to see you at the event! I missed you so much. Now, to your issue… The magazine is out of this would. it looks good and in my mind, already successful.

    The industry standard for Editor in Chief is exactly as you stated; however, the industry does not dictate the standard for every entity. Meaning, the industry standards are broad guidelines that help the industry be and stay consistent. This means that though BHouston can use the guidelines set by the industry, she has the option to pattern her company the way she sees fit, based on the needs of the organization. She determines the titles and job descriptions for her entity. Meaning, based on her criteria, she blessed you as Editor in Chief.

    I would definitely talk to her about it and find out what her intentions were. You did a lot of work on this project. your description of your contributions proved that. Consider this a blessing. B clearlly thinks highly of you.

  2. 09/30/2008 9:18 pm

    Wow. Editor-N- Chief is pretty much as good as it gets in the magazine publishing world. Congrats girl on that title! I’m proud. Because it’s your friend’s magazine and she chose to put you down as EC she must have felt really strongly about giving you that position. I agree with Billione. I would just talk to her about it so you guys are at least on the same page. In the mean time be happy! You never know where that could take you! Keep up the good work mama.

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