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The Kind of WOMByn I want to be…


I don’t wanna be perfect. Christ-like has never been my style. I’m too much of a cynic. Plus, though I’ma child of GD…I do not profess to be the SUN of GD.

I wanna be the kinda wombyn who can sleep peacefully at night. The kinda wombyn my babies could be proud of.

I wanna be honest with myself…and my man…and my family and friends. Honest enough not to leave anything that SHOULD Be said…unsaid.

I wanna leave a good impression on all those who come in contact with me.

I wanna tell the truth as I see it…in a way that folks can relate to.

I wanna stop procrastinating.

I wanna be assertive and unafraid.

I wanna be a GOOD wombyn.

Now I’m learning that its the decisions that I make EVERY SINGLE DAY that help me to become one.
Right now…I’m damn proud of myself…’cause that good wombyn is in my grasp…and I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.
That is all.


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