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“all we do is club” – mc breed/ pt two



Becuase I’m not one to only complain about the problem…I like to assist with the solution, Here’s what I propose.
Dinner parties. Small intimate gatherings of friends and associates. Good food. Cheap drinks. Better music (provided by someones i-pod, satellite radio, or vinyl collection…which ever) played at a volume conducive to conversation and no LAST CALL.

Just wait til I get a dining room table (and more dishes)! IF you wanna feel like you’re at the club, you’re more than welcome to pay me $10-$25 at the door and another $3 to hang your coat in my hall closet. You can bring your own bottle. Eat good and talk to folks you actually give a damn about. AND you can wear what ever you want. If you wanna “dress to impress”? Fine. You wanna wear jeans, gym shoes or athletic wear? Fine.

Not only that…its a good fundraiser. If you’d pay $10-$20 to get into the club…wouldn’t you pay $7-$10 to eat and drink all you want?  If its hosted early enough in the evening …you STILL have time to hit “Mojitos and Miniskirts Masquerade Ball”  around the way.

There’s just GOTTA be something better and more productive then giving all our money to club owners. This is not an affront to the many promoters out there. I’m not attempting to take money outta the DJ’s pockets. Or the graphic designers who make the handbills/fliers. OR the boutiques that sell the “grown and sexy” outfits that you can only wear once for fear of someone recognizing it from the LAST grown and sexy event.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not hating on the bar tenders or trying to put the bouncers out of business.  I’m not hating at all..’cause when I’m AT the club…I’m the first one to throw my hands up and get into the “hustle/slide” line to ballroom for six songs. I can flirt with the best of ’em, drink like a man, and some times I make startling revelations in the club. i’m just tired.

And it seems that the only revelation I’ve made lately is if you’re between the ages of 18 and 31 and UNmarried…”all we do is club”.

Tell me what ya think COOL WORLD!

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  1. 10/08/2008 1:12 am

    Dinner parties are always nice. Plus you can get a nice bottle of wine for like 5 buckaroos. I know I’m not one to try to keep up with the Jones and the latest styles so my favorite pair of jeans that are most likely about 4 years old would easily fit into a relaxed shindig like that

  2. Qui permalink
    10/10/2008 2:31 am

    I stopped having “this is the best party ever” moments after sophmore year. I actually find myself not liking the clubs very much nowadays, but sometimes i fell a little guilty and go out just to prove I am not a complete homebody lol. My thing is how many times can I party with the same people, different venue, or at Steve’s, formerly known as Studio such and such, formerly known as Prestige, currently under new management. IT’S THE SAME DAMN CLUB!!!! Also everytime I go to the club it’s a highschool reunion, because Cass people are literally EVERYWHERE. Dinner parties are definitely what’s up, you invite who you want, you don’t have to worry about the girl down the bar eyeballing you or water-downed drinks, play the music you want, and set the mood you want.

    You know what’s even better……poy luck dinner parties….all the fun with half the fuss

  3. Qui permalink
    10/10/2008 2:32 am

    that’s suppose to be pot luck^

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