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“all we do it club” – mc breed/ Pt. One


Peace CW,

First off. THANK YOU FOLKS for 5000 hits!!!! YAY! It took us six months or so…but I’m still very proud and happy! Very soon…you’ll start seeing guest bloggers here. Writing about a range of topics…so keep coming by for …the cool.

With that said… Bear with me ’cause this is a long one. But I promise its worth it. Holla’ if ya hear me!

Cool World, on any given day my My space and facebook in boxes are so crammed full of party fliers that its hard to tell who is sending me a personal message and who just wants my $10 for a gig. And I’m SICK OF IT! True…the electronic handbills are usually brightly colored, feature some exotic lookin’ young lady in various states of undress. They DO detail all the rules and regulations of the particular party (no gym shoes, no athletic wear, ladies free before 9:15, drink special, 21 and up with id, 18 and up with $25 cover, etc…). The parties are always cleverly named. Usually penned after what ever song is in heavy rotation on the local Radio One or Clear Channel station. “Swagger Like Ours” is the new hot shyt from what I can see. Or, the party is some juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated items in an attempt to seem sophisticated (Jeans and Moet, Ice Cream and Candles, Vixens and Vipers).  I feel like I’ve been going to THE SAME party only with a different name since 1999 (remember the “all about the Benjamin’s” parties?)

I’m so tired of going “out”. I loved going to Elevation at the Firefly in Ann Arbor every couple months. I may go to an album release party for some local hip hop cat that I support, but lately…it seems I’ve been in the club EVERY WEEK. Perhaps it’s because most of my friends are Virgos and Libras. For some reason..those signs throw “Zodiac ” parties EVERY YEAR. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t much else to do in my small Michigan town.

– Six weeks ago I went to a sports bar to hear my homeboy spin. The crowd was sparse, but i thou roughly enjoyed the chicken wings, drink specials and Motown cover band.

– The following week I was BACK in that bar on a FRIDAY night just in time for the local radio broad cast. Enjoyed celebrating my homegurl’s b-day. I could have done without RADIO MUSIC LIVE…complete with radio personality SCREAMING on the mic in an attempt to make absent listeners think that it was the most LIVE party on the planet. It was not.

Took a week off.

– And then went to a club in Detroit that alleged to be so exclusive that one could NOT sit down unless one purchased bottle service, which cost upwards of $200! F that! Left there and went to the place where all the young, black, upwardly mobile folks spend $12 per drink, and wander around a beautiful venue listening to the aforementioned “RADIO” music, minus the screaming personality.

– This weekend I took OFF! I didn’t go to the free JAY-Z concert( I don’t care for crowds). And I skipped out on a birthday party for my newly inducted sis-Stars and favorite DJ friend. Mainly, because I didn’t want to spend my precious money on drinks. Didn’t feel like getting “grown and sexy“. And I was tired of screaming over music.



Please read PT Two…

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  1. 10/08/2008 12:47 am

    I guess because I’ve became more of a homebody and house party type of person myself I can’t say that I can relate. I’m actually in dying need of getting out but, I hear you with the fliers. It’s the same thing over and over.

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