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What does Bey have in common with Bob Fosse?


I’m not a huge Beyonce fan. I’m not a hater either. She is one of the hardest working women in show business. I gotta give her her props.  Her new album is forth coming and in honor of it’s release Bey has dropped not ONE but TWO vidoes. “If I were a  boy” and “Singles Ladies (put a ring on it)”.

Now…I’m kinda trippin’ because although the “If I were a boy” video has a little ironic twist at the end…I seem to remember Ciara having a song with the same concept about a year ago. Let’s see….what was that song called? mMMMmmm…Oh! LIKE A BOY! Good job Beyonce. Very original.  With Usher’s new song “Trading Places” It seems that Autumn of ’08 is the season for …role reversal. I really wish folks would get more creative. Its like everyone has the EXACT SAME IDEA at the EXACT SAME TIME….WTF?

What I DO like…is that Beyonce’s new video “Single ladies” is patterned after an old Gwen Verdon dance routine. Who is Gwen Verdon? Only a Bob Mackey wearing, Bob Fosse collaborating, high kickin’ DIVA! So, take a look at BOTH videos…you’ll see the similarities. And when you get a chance, YouTUbe “Gwen Verdon” and “walk it out” . Or better yet just click HERE. Hilarious shyt…GREAT for a laugh. I watch it several times a week just for kicks….




Now here’s Gwen Verdon

And on a side note HERE’s the link to the SONG WRITER drama surronding Beyonce’s “If I were a boy”. Thanks for the heads up Glennisha.

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  1. 10/16/2008 12:43 am

    You know what I thought the same thing @ first about Bey jocking Ciara but, the song is actually totally different and she also stole the song from this white artist name BC Jean. I think she actually song it better than Bey but, hey. You know what I can bet your bottom dollar that Bey was studying this. Funny how new artists always take a lot from the originals

  2. Southern Queen Dee permalink
    10/16/2008 12:52 am

    The song title is IF I WERE A BOY, not Like a Boy! And she didn’t steal the song. It was sold to her by the producer Tony Gad who also produced Big Girls Don’t Cry for Fergie.

    And she’s been a fan of Fosse. She said herself that Fosse’s The Fug was the inspiration for the Get Me Bodied video.

    Ya’ll should really do your research before you comment on people

  3. 10/16/2008 2:23 am

    Well thanks for clearing that up for me Southern Queen. I don’t follow pop music very closely. I wasn’t talking about “Get me Bodied” though. I was referring to the “Single Ladies” video. Which is why I posted the Gwen Verdon clip. She spoke on 106 and Park about how it was the inspiration. I think her choreographers did a good job of modernizing the routine and Beyonce pulls it off flawlessly.

    Thanks for stopping by the CCC. Please DO come again.

  4. 10/25/2008 5:40 pm

    BEyonce is a swagger jacker… period… yes she is talented… and has her own style to delivering something… but when it comes to content she is a jacker… she has been suid multiple times for stealing songs and saying she wrote them, trying to pay off producers to say she wrote songs that she didn’t and I dont know where southern queen bee got her story from but I heard the same story glennisha talked about and even went to BC jeans myspace and the original version actually sounds better than Beyonce’s because its a folk song and beyonce is yelling all over it.. the original is authentic and just the girl with a guitar… beyonce fans are always going to defend everything she does because they feel she can do no wrong… I am neutral to the situation because I am simply a music head… if she does something hot I will support it… but I have been extremely disappointed and want to slap her with a huge sit ya azz down somewhere because everything as of late has come off real drag queenish… she definitely has the gay population on lock.

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