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A privilege and an honor…





Peace Cool World!

I voted today. My honey and I awoke at a quarter to seven just to make sure that we’d be one of the first ones in line at our respective precincts. I had to drive about thirty minutes…since I failed to change my address since my last move.

I was number 30 at the polls this morning. I walked right in…handled my business and was done by 9 o’clock am. Even though waiting times in Detroit reached nearly FIVE HOURS! I almost felt cheated. I’d looked forward to standing in line with my fellow Americans and Obama supporters. I looked forward to hearing the stories of the elders…the first time they voted…how excited they were about a Black candidate. It didn’t happen. I even had my camera and digital recorder on hand to record the oral history. Ah well…

I have a friend. A sistah-gurl friend whom I love dearly. But she has decided NOT to vote. I don’t mean to be judgemental…I don’t mean to chastise or berate her…but I feel…disappointed that she is not excercising her right. Her HARD EARNED right to vote. She is disgusted by the system and disillusioned with the whole process. “they’re both crooks”, she lamented when I visited with her last week.

That may be so…Obama may be the biggest fraud on the planet. I didn’t vote FOR him even though I voted FOR him. I voted because MY recent ancestors thought enough of the privilege to DIE for the right to do it. I voted, not because I think Obama can win ( and I do), or because a BLACK person has FINALLY (more than 100 years after the end of slavery in America) made it on the ticket. I voted because it is my DUTY…my RESPONSIBILITY to do so. I didn’t wanna drive forty miles on bogus plates to vote…but I was OBLIGATED to do it. I don’t take that obligation lightly. Hell…I’ve Seen “Eyes on the Prize“. SHEEeeeet.

So, in my eyes, this homegurl of mine has shirked her responsibility. And I’ll bet that the truth is…she hasn’t changed her address…or didn’t wanna be late for work…or something of the sort. I did tell her that if she doesn’t participate in the process…she has no right to complain about the process…and I plan to hold her to it. I don’t wanna judge her too harshly. After all …I didn’t vote in 2000. GASP! That’s right…I didn’t vote in the 2000 election. And I felt so guilty when Bush “won”. I felt the force of the disappointment of thousands of ancestors barrelling down on me. Talk about a self inflicted guilt trip… Needless to say it’ll never happen again.

I watched a special about a 106 year old black woman in Georgia who has voted in every election she was legally allowed to. She said…”Vote for your choice…just get out and vote”. And that’s what I did. If she, at 106 years old, can go vote…than so can I DAMNIT!


Anywhoo…I”m rambling.


Let’s keep our prayers up…and our fingers crossed. It ain’t over til its over and I truly believe that the illusive “THEY” have many tricks up their sleeves in case Obama DOES win. Keep your eyes peeled and ur ears to the street….

Until then

Peace Cool World

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  1. 11/05/2008 1:18 pm

    I had a friend tell me yesterday too that she didn’t vote because she’s registered @ her school and she didn’t do absentee. I was like ummmm you had how to long to vote absentee. Anywho, I felt very disappointed just like you. She told me that “Barack could win without her”. I just didn’t understand nor could I grasp the fact that she was so nonchalant about it but, hey We did our part! We know what’s up.

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