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I was WRONG…


Cool World,

I was wrong. November 5th IS THAT GREAT GETTIN’ UP MORN’IN (fair ye well, fair ye well)!!!!!

Barack H. Obama has done it! WE have done it!I am SO proud to be an American. To be a BLACK WOMAN! To Be a VOTER! I am so proud. Despite ALL the obstacles that were trown at him…the accusations…the twisted associations, the manipulation of the truth. Despite all that.. this BLACK MAN is the next leader of the FREE WORLD!
My friends and I went to a neighborhood sports bar to watch the drama unfold. Although the crowd was pretty mixed…the groups were very segregated. We watched with baited breath as the poll numbers rolled in. As the night progressed it became more and more obvious that we were on teh cusp of making history.  Watching three different news channels on about ten different screens. CNN called it FIRST.

The CHEER went up.

I covered my face with my hands.  Afraid to exhale…I was waiting for confirmation from the other news stations. After all…we all remember the f*uck up of the 2000 election.

Eventually CNN, MSNBC and Fox news all reported it. I screamed! I cried…and cried. I don’t know if there was even a dry eye in the place. Many of the other patrons, non-black and obviously McCain supporters were stoic. They watched us cautiously…it was like the balance of power shifted…even in our insignificant, midwestern, cookie-cutter, sports bar.

THEY will never understand the significance of this day. THEY will NEVER understand. ANd I’m not gonna try to explain it. They will NEVER know what this means to our self-esteem as a people…our expectaions OF ourselves…our responsibility TO ourselves. THEY will NEVER know what it means to our children. My ten year old cousin gets to see beutiful little black girls in the white house.  What this means to our little black boys…they will NEVER know.

Or maybe they do…and THAT’S why they fought so hard to stop it from happening. Mmmm

Regardless…truth is that I KNOW and YOU know, COOL WORLD. YOU know. 



Peace. For real now…PEACE!

And by the way..Michigan is now LEAGALLY a ganja smokin’ state (strictly for medicinal purposed, of course)! HELL YEAH! Tryin’ to figure out how to make that work in my favor…since my job forbids it and all…

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  1. 11/05/2008 8:35 pm

    My mom and I were talking today about how some folks just won’t and cant’ understand what this means to us and you know what that’s ok. Maybe it’s not meant for them to understand.

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