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Peace Cool World,

I am preparing to return to work. Four day trip with over nights in exciting Memphis, TN. The big city of the Midwest: Cincinnati and the oh-so-glamorous Kansas City, Kansas. Fun right?

Since I haven’t posted since Obama was elected…this will just be a mish mash of ransom thoughts of the past week.

-Isn’t THIS cartoon just SOOOO true? But I guess we can forget ALLLL about that, huh? Since Barack Obama is president…right? RIIIIiiiiiight (wink, wink).


sunni– I drove to Flint, MI last night to see a poet named Sunni Patterson. SHE. WAS. AWESOME. She reminded me of myself…not because of her poetry, but because of her persona on stage. She just DOES what she DOES. Sometimes stopping in the middle of a piece speak what ever happened to be on her mind at the time…or a side bar to explain the origin of the piece. And was FLUID! DOPE! I’m inspired. Seeing all the poets that traveled from other cities to perform (Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee) made me wonder what kind of life I’d be living right now if I had continued to promote my book of poetry (While Dwelling in the Outskirts of Obscurity- Boogie Brwn Girl Press 2007).


books-thumb– I bought a book case from a woman on Craigslist. Up to this point, my library was stuffed into those industructible white, red, and blue laundry bags that you often see homeless folk toting their worldly possessions in. I had like four or five of ’em chocked full of my favorite literary works.Thsi book case forced me to re arrange my entire living room!! And its only got four shelves! And yet I STILL removed every stitck of furniture from the living room, staged the book shelf and then moved the furniture back…in an arrangement complimentary to the shelf. BOOKS ARE THAT IMPORTANT TO ME! Good times…good times…

-I’m sick of seeing posts and site ask the question: What did America mean/intend when they elected Barack Obama? I’ll tell you. We meant that we wanted HIM to be president. Simple as that! HA!

-I spend A LOT of time in the blogosphere. I find so many blogs that I relate to. I’ve decided that COOL C(h)RYS is not a clever enough name. Mostly because it does not incorporate the words:black, brown, coa-coa, honey, mahagony, ebony,brown skinned, chocolate,queen, fashionista, or sistah (i.e. Sassy Soul, or Educated Ebony nothing against the blogs that DO incorporate those names…I just feel like I got little lazy when choosing my blog title.

– I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! LOVE IT!!! Shout out to GLENNISHA MORGAN for putting me on all those months ago. Parlour magazine runs a close second.
– My article in STREETS MAGis being recieved well. I’ve got another “HOOD STAR” article in next months issue. In addition to MAYBE an exclusive interview/article featuring a certain up and coming r & B vandal diva.

– What ever happened to Digible Planets? Huh? They were some cool cats…

-I guess that’s all cool world. I’ll be at work for the next four days. I’ll try to post my “adventures” this week.


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  1. 11/10/2008 2:34 pm

    Yo that cartoon is real as hell. I truly enjoyed your book. Whenever you find time you should go back to promoting it. And as far as books omg! The transition moving back home has been crazy and my entire book collection is sitting in my mother’s trunk! I’m so pissed about that. As soon as I make room I’ll be going out to purchase myself a bookshelf too. I can’t wait. Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Jay permalink
    11/16/2008 2:11 am

    Sunni is so fly…I remember that piece she did on Def Poetry a couple years back….SHE KILLED IT!!

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