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Beautiful Distractions…


Well…Cool World…Its been a few days and the state of the planet is disturbing. So rather than rant and rave about the masacre in Mumbai or the Murders in Mexico or the slaughter in NIGERIA…I’m gonna do some classic shyt…IGNORE IT! Just like everyone else in this country. So here are some worthy distractions to take your mind off the MADNESS in the world right now! Right?


waleCrys is FEELIN’ WALE, rapper from D.C. Maryland area. I think he’s hot..,lyrically speaking. Although I remember hearing him on the ROOTS last album RISING DOWN, I didn’t pay much attention to him until my favorite site CLUTCH magazine posted a dope video. Turns out thsi dude has been not-so-quietly making moves. From the Roots jump off to posing for the covers of URB and XXL. And dig this…MY MAN’s IS NOT SIGNED!!!! I suspect that its only a matter of time before he convinces the entire east coast to toss their Timbo’s and the south to trade thier 1’s for “NIKE BOOTS”. Check him out.

Crys is FEELIN’ 14 KT.kt He’s a DOPE ass beat maker from Ann Arbor. His album/ soundtrack dropped last month and if you haven’t copped it…Ur sleepin’. You REALLY need to get that “GOLDEN HOUR“. It was something like TWO years in the making and it was well worth the wait!

avocadophotoCrys is feelin’ AVACADO. No, that’s not some new artist’s clever name…IT’S FRUIT! And I love it. I can eat it raw with a little salt, or make guacamole with it. Or I mash it up and make a paste for my turkey sandwhiches. MMmmm, Mmmm Bioytch!!! I love avacados!!!! And what better way to distract yourself from the Armegeddon than FRUIT!

cdelseCrys is feeling BOOG BROWN! And not just she’s my homegurl. She’s one of the most flexible and poignant emcee’s to spit it (female or otherwise) since MC Lyte! Her first mixed tape “Extended Play: The Water Birth” dropped in 2007 and I’m anxiously awaiting her first full length album She’s worked with some amazing producers: (the aforementioned) 14 KT, Illastrate out of ATL and DJ House Shoes of Detroit/LA.

And lastly, the greatest distraction is the source of most of my information: THE INTERNET! But Of course I’m not talking about news worthy sites likeAlternet, NPR or BBC. NO! I’m talking about the fashion, gossip, music, social networking sites/ blogs. So here’s a list of my favorites…in no particular order:

Clutch magazine
Palour magazine
Apartment Therapy
and of course Craigslist and Facebook

Between these five sites…I can stay distracted for HOURS!!!!

Hope this is helpful. Hope that YOU TOO can now ignore the major events happening in and around the world. (including but not limited to:the U.S> economy and more imaginary bailout funds, record flooding in VENICE, 40 murders in one weekend in Mexico, record wild fires in California, terrorism in Mumbai, 200 + slaughtered in Nigeria, eight year old murderers).

(World) Peace, Cool World.

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  1. 12/06/2008 5:51 am

    Yooooo I’m feelin Wale too. I had read about him in a magazine and I guess in the blogosphere. Then I ran across somebody’s Myspace page with their whole playlist filled with his joints. I have to say that I was impressed. I’m sure I’ll be copping his album. Can’t wait to Boog’s album comes out too.

  2. MzMims permalink
    12/07/2008 6:10 am

    I love avocado!
    I can use it in pretty much everything…lol…that was random…

  3. The phones is broke, the food is garbage permalink
    02/13/2009 7:33 pm

    Wale??……..the mixtape about nothing was pure genius….any black man that watches Seinfeld is froze from the jump…but to use the sitcom as the premise for a mixtape…oh that’s just dumb…and that “searchin” joint wit young chris and the grand imperial, high exhalted, bun b ….fuhgettaboutit!!

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