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Its been a long time…I shouldn’a left you…


brighteyesPEACE Cool WORLD!!!!

If ya don’t know by now, the WINTER is NOT my season. I’ve been in hibernation since December. The last three months have been rather uneventful. I’ve been working on my writing, having come to the conclusion that while my blog gave me the space to think and write daily, it is a venue that so many others navigate much more gracefully than I.
And so instead of blogging: I turned twenty nine twenty five, submitted work to a few summer writing workshops/conferences, been editing the biography of an aweswome young soldier named Osakwe Jahi, started travelling the country re-connecting with friends and loved ones and reading stacks and stacks of dusty, old books.

I do hope to return to this COOL SPACE. I just wanna feel like I have something relevant to say. With economic and political crisis’ erupting every two days, celebrities having break downs and making fashion faux pauxs at every red carpet event its been very difficult for me to discern the REAL from the unnecessary. I’m working on that.

So…pray for me Cool World, if any of you are still Coolin’ with me…

And I’ll be in touch


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  1. 03/24/2009 1:03 am

    Yay! Glad you’re back! I missed you in the “blogosphere” . There is nothing like traveling and giving the net a break though. It’s so awesome that you’re working on Osakwe’s bio. I didn’t know him but, I knew a few people that did. I heard nothing but, great things about him. So I’d love to read the bio when it’s complete.

  2. 03/25/2009 1:45 am

    Welcome Back, Crys Mack. I have missed you THIS MUCH!

    I love you girl! (Like Shug Avery loved Cellie.) I can’t wait to read the book, too.)

    EVERYTHING you say is relevant.

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