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Blessings eternal…


Forgive me Mama for I have sinned.

It has been nearly two years since my last confession. My life has changed so much in the last twenty-four months that I hardly recognize myself.

So lets recap as best we can…

The wedding was beautiful! In fact, I’ve never seen a more beautiful ceremony and reception. 215 of our nearest and dearest were there to celebrate with us. The photos are stunning. The video is touching and now the marriage is well on its way.

The honeymoon was sunny and beautiful. Punta Cana,  Dominican Republic.

Work has been work…I’m over it. Being a flight attendant is great for a single girl with no kids. Now that I am neither, it just isn’t a good fit anymore.

That’s right…I am neither single, NOR childless!  Which brings me to the most amazing change of all.


On March 9, 2012 at 12: 49, I gave birth to a beautiful, brown, healthy baby boy!

I am IN Love.

He is the perfection of the Universe that everyone says doesn’t exist.

He is God witnessing to me

He is the most..remarkable human being that I have ever laid eyes on.

HE is the only reason that I’m  even writing this right now.


He is all that matters.

“Well, what about….insert ANYTHING here”, you ask?

It doesn’t matter. Only HE matters now.


I have never been more humbled, more blessed.


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