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boot kick


I can’t keep doing this.

I can’t keep sitting in front of this lap top shedding tears for the opportunities that I wish I’d had. I can’t keep fantasizing about the classes and workshops I could be taking, the submissions that I could be preparing, the statements I could be working on, the proposals I could be editing the poetry I could be writing. 


At some point, I have to stop the water works and just DO THE WORK. That’s where I am. 
I’m sitting at the cusp of “Do the Damned Work, Crystal”. Do the work and the caterpillars tickling my stomach may wound themselves up into cocoons.

Do the work and the excuses will fall away. Do the work and the work will improve. The words will come more easily. 

I can only write so many lists of goals. I can only paste a finite number of glossy, magazine cut-outs to cork board- prayers to the universe to make my dream materialize. And besides, there is no cut-out of “discipline”, for creativity, for confidence.

Wanna be a writer…a rioter…a wordsmith?



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