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Who is Cool C(h)rys


Welcome to the CCC. If you’ve stumbled across this blog…its because you’re a creature of the curious variety. Get comfortable. take a look around. You’ll find some pretty cool, although random readings. And if you find that the CCC is NOT what you’re looking for…there are plenty of links to other interesting sites and blogs on the blogroll.

That said, let me take a deep breath. I’ma twenty-somethin’ Afi-Merican wombyn who long ago mastered the art of “faking it”. I’m not talking about sex (get your filthy minds out of the gutter)…I just mean in my every day walk…or run, if you will. I learned how to say the right thing at the right time. Stand and strut the right way to get the right person to notice. Problem is…now…I’m trapped in the realm of make-believe and mediocrity. I’m like that kid in high school who bloomed late, spead too thin and then peaked early. And now I’m just trying to find my way back to the real and true.

Attempting to differientiate MY goals, dreams and aspirations from those of my friends and co-horts.

Struggling to regain faith in what I’M good at and what I was born to do. 

Perfect MY craft,

see MY vision.

 Wanting to become the wombyn I KNOW that I can be.

So walk with me. Struggle with me. Like what I write or don’t. It’ll be random. Some days it will read like my personal journal, others like an article in the Village Voice.  Mostly, it will be rambling and eventually I hope to find my way back to the eccentric, honest, focused, genuine, “just something about her” girl that I used to be…only all grown up. 


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  1. 03/27/2008 3:30 pm

    You keep proving that you are one of the baddest sistas I know. Keep growin, luvin and being who you are.

    Uhuru Sasa

  2. tai (vicelounge) permalink
    04/04/2008 4:05 am

    only way i could find to contact you. forgive me.
    but i wanted to put music in the hands of bloggers and writers.

    what is the best address to send to



  3. Ifoma permalink
    05/02/2008 8:54 pm

    Like it. Way to go Crystal.

  4. Neka permalink
    05/30/2008 4:36 pm

    CC, I’m proud of you. Since that day that I roamed over to your place many, many years ago, I’ve known how artsy you were. This is only an extension of that and I hope that you continue to creatively extend!

  5. Englishman permalink
    06/14/2008 3:22 pm

    Black women are the most beautiful creatures on the Planet. Thank you so much for being the mothers of civilization. We owe all to you.

    Your blog is insightful and I don’t know what I would do without it.

  6. Jay permalink
    06/17/2008 12:56 am

    Thats my sister ya’ll…Love you #1

  7. MoE permalink
    06/22/2008 1:02 am

    Crystal. u know im luvn wutchu have goin on here…u definitely have embraced the gift within u. keep it locked n stay blessed cuz u truly r ;o)

  8. 07/09/2008 2:26 am

    Crys, I am glad to finally be connected with you also! I have heard lots about you through Ant and peeked around your blogs a couple of times. I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog, i’m hoping that it’ll resonate with a lot of people. You’ve got some cool stuff on here that has inspired me, and I look forward to checking you out on a regular basis. I’m adding you to my blogroll too! Peace!

  9. 08/08/2008 5:17 am

    Hi Crys,

    I visited your blog while looking for poetry related resources and thought of dropping you a line. Please review my blog The Chronicles of R at and let me know if I could get a mention at your blog in the side bar since it could be an additional attaraction with related resources for your visitors. I would be glad to link your blog at

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    Please let me know what you think. I look forward to your response.

    Warm Regards,

    The Chronicles of R

  10. Thomas permalink
    08/25/2008 2:10 pm

    CC… To me, you are real and you keep it that way. I look forward to flying with you every month. You’re an uplifting force in my world and I am sure many others.

    Like I said before, you don’t “play friend” –

    Love and Peace!

  11. 10/02/2008 10:26 am

    Thanks so much for showing luv on my blog. Love your spot! I’m all about the quest for self-actualization, so your story is both intriguing and inspirational. I’ll definitely be a regular over here.

  12. tyrell357 permalink
    10/20/2008 5:47 pm

    Hey Sis, I have

  13. 03/17/2009 4:24 am

    I see you’re out on a hiatus, but thank you for the inclusion my Sister.

    Peace be unto you –


  14. copper30 permalink
    11/25/2009 2:09 pm

    stumbled over here this is quite the dopest
    i came across another blog of yours on blogspot
    that was cold
    i like this blog so much i featured it on mine
    keep up the good work


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